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Home Brew 

Here are some links to home brew/do it yourself articles. These projects are not guaranteed to work, so be careful, and use common sense. If you have built, or modified, something that others might be interested in email info@powerchutes.com.

Dual Rotax filter cover by Barry O'Carroll
Chute Bags and Steering Line Trimmers from Bob Middleton
Destiny Windshield by Bruce Pritchett
$1.55 Carb Sync Tool by Marty Ignazito
Adjust Your Carbs - $5.00 by Marty Ignazito
Music to Fly With by Keith Bingham
PPC Transport Rack by Charley Tozier
Steering line pulleys for Six Chuter
Nose wheel band brake for HHF by Pete Contenta
Steering line trimmers from Bruce Pritchett
Randy Thomas' trailer
Brian Shirley's trailer
Retrofit fuel tank for Harmening's High Flyer by Steve Thomas
How to make a good PPC antenna by Richard Stuart.
Heating system for Rotax 503 equiped PPCs by John Shepherd
Installing a nose wheel brake
Wiring a battery system
Building a cheap PPC trailer
Stan Pinnell's PPC transport page
Shield for throttle cable on SR7
Installing a fuel level sending unit
Inexpensive Strobe
Under Seat Storage for the SR7
Instrument Pod for SR7             
Front Wheel Holder for Trailer 
Simple, but Fancy Front Fender and Brake - Ken Butler
Leading Edge Tape Not Sticking?
Gear Box  Preload On "B" Drive
GPS Ram Mount 
Adjust Buckeye Steering Lines 
Make Your Own Windsok Frame
Cheap Windsock