I recently took a picture of my homemade winsock and thought other cheap
skates like me might find it interesting if not useful.  I cut a
cylinder out of a 1 gallon plastic jug that is the width of duct tape.
I then cut a bunch of survey ribbon about  5 feet long.  Then I stuck
one end of each piece of ribbon to a strip of duct tape.  After the
length of tape was full of ribbon strips I then taped it around the
plastic jug cylinder.  I then punched two holes in the cylinder on
opposite ends and fastened the cylinder to the frame with zip ties.
The frame you will recognise as a paint roller frame stuck on a broom
stick.   The windsock works very well and is sensitive to light breezes,
twisting this way and that following the direction of the lightest
breezes.   It is also easy to see from the air with the long ribbons.