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This links page was originally compiled by Gary Miller of MAPPC. Click here for the MAPPC links page. If you have a link that would interest PPC pilots, please email it to

Online Services
The PPC Emailing List
BFI  Fundamentals of Instruction Study Guide
ASC BFI Fundamentals of Instruction Study Guide 
Powered Parachute Pilot's Handbook
Question of the day archives

Online Sectional Maps
Free  or Almost Free State Aeronautical Charts and Airport Directories
Some good general ultralight information. 
Airport & City Code Converter
Stolen PPC's
Morris Yoder

Experimental Aircraft Association Ultralights
United States Ultralight Association
Aero Sports Connections
North American Powered Parachute Federation
Stop The working to outlaw noise from aircraft

Sun 'n Fun

APPCA - World Powered Parachute Championship


Magazines, Newsletters, Videos, Books, Software, etc.
UltraFlight Magazine
Ultralight Flying Magazine
Kitplanes Magazine
Ultralight News Web Magazine
Aero Connections
Portland Powerchutes Newsletter  
Ft. Vancouver Ultralights Inc.
- -Aerochutes Bulletin -send signup request to Doug
Flightline Television
Powered Parachutes by Jerry Goffman (book)
The Powered Parachute Bible by George A. Begue' (book)
Captains Log 2000  Quick, Easy PC Based Log Software
Weather To Fly  - Videos, Windsok, other items
Powerchute Computer Games
A Beginner's Guide to Powered Parachutes Video
World Championship Video, other PPC videos - Tim Bayer


The Powered Parachute Flying Club
BARF - Houston, TX
North Carolina Sport Flying
Gateway Area Ultralight Association - St. Louis, MO.
Buzzard's Row
Montana Ultra Fun Flyers 
Capital Area Light Flyers
USUA Club #250 - Richmond, Va.
Palmetto Ultralight Fun Flyers, St. George SC
Husker Ultralight Club
Shirley Crowhoppers Ultralight Club, USUA #508 - Shirly, MA
Maine Powerchutes Association
Northwest Powered Parachute Coalition S.W. Washington, N.W.Oregon

Flight Schools and Flight Parks - click on this site, put in any city name, and it
will bring up the airport there. You can then click on a link that
says 'nearby facilities', like for 10 miles out, 20 miles, or
whatever. This site will bring up strips that are not on the
sectionals, and it will list the owners name, address and phone
number as well as strip orientation, length, hazards, etc

Sky Trails Ranch

Boyer Flight Park (Indiana)
UFI Refresher On-Line

Do it yourself projects
Home built PPC plans with photos

Parts and accessories

Ozee Flight -flight suit's
Ozee Factory
Flight Suits (Flightsuits and leather jackets)
Heated gloves, underware, socks
Silk Helmet Liners

Delcom Radio's
Yaesu Radio's
ICOM Radio's
Comtronics - Communication Paks, Headsets, Helmets
Lynx Headsets, Helmets
RAD Electronics Com Paks,  Helmets
Airzone Headsets, Helmets
Headsets Inc. (ANR kits for headsets)
Gov't. Sales Inc. - New and rebuilt aviation helmets
Bose Helmets

Taskem Corp - instrument gauges
Grand Rapids Technologies - EIS instrument gauges
SkySports (instruments)
Avocet Vertech Wrist Altimeter
Ram Mounts - for Radios, Cameras, and GPS Ram Mount supplier
Ultralight Control Systems (camera mounts)
Kenyon Laboratories - camera gyro stabilizer
Speedtech - Windmeters   Palm Handheld Airport Info
Sky Eye (a neat accessory for your Powered Chute)

Kuntzleman Electronics Inc. strobe lights
Photonmicro - Emergency StrobeLights- Photons weigh just 6 grams
Helmet Camera
Headhunter Helmets Camera Gear
Gyro Stabilizer
Yuasa Batteries
Odessy Batteries  Odessy Replacements - about $25.00

Rotax Engine Specs
Rotax Tech Specs
Rotax Service Instructions
Rotax engine On-Line Manuals
Rotax Torque Specs
Rotax Service Schedule
Joplin Light Aircraft - SuziAir 4 stroke engines
Bing Carbs
2Si - Two Stroke International Engines
HKS 4-cycle Engines
Hirth Engines - Recreational Power Engineering
Hirth Engines - Adventure Ultralight Engines
Hirth Engines - Germany
Compact Radial Engines
Rotax Water Pump Repair
South African Rotax Agents
Walbro & Tillotson carburetor
Wind Dancers Rotax Repair Stations

Ivoprop Props
Powerfin Props  
Warp Drive Props -Factory does not have a website - Factory Phone  800-833-9357
Tennessee Props
Propmaster Prop Balancers  
Thrustmaster Thrust Measurement Tools
Balance Masters - Prop Balancer

MoJo's Gear - PPC's, Paragliders assorted equip
Prairie Stuff from Marty Ignazito -Front Brakes, Spring Tools, Tow Bar, good advice
Matco Mfg (hydraulic brakes)
Disc Brakes $300  
Sky's the Limit
Azusa Engineering (wheels)
4P Company of America- Nice PPC Covers, Bags, Line Socks - from Louisiana
Ventura Enterprises, Inc. - Bags, Filter Covers, Socks
Epoxy gas tank sealer
Pennzoil 2cycle Oil order site with good prices
Skis, windshields, radiator covers etc., FunFlight  
Windshield for Buckeye PPCs
Powered Parachute Products - Dashboard, Tailwheel
Aero Tec Labs - Fuel Cells - get ready for Sport Pilot 
High Tech Foam
  Nice Seat Cushions
Aero Graphics (Suppliers of Aviation Graphics, Decals)
Custom Ultralight and Powered Parachute Parts
Flying Dog, PPC on the Cover of Popular Mechanics
Wind Heaven - Great selection of Wind socks, poles, etc
L W Spiro  winsocks
Windsock Pole
Pek Windsocks

Airtek - Windsock Tips
Windsock Frames
MaxGain - Rods for Axles, Landing Gear
PPC Hand Controls

Airboat Conversion
Adventure Motor Sports,  crop sprayers
Line Trimmers (clothsline tighteners)
Tiger Bars
KISS Frame Kit

Big Boy Scooters - For event riding, ultra trick - contact James @
                                 Exhibited at Powrachute Extravaganza


Trailer Manufacturers
Para Transport trailer from SkyChutes, Inc.
Sporty Trailers
Sporty Trailers - Tri-State Ultralights
Custom Utilities,LLC
Heart Breaker
Bearcat - PAPowerchutes
Bearcat - Custom 2 place
Bearcat - Prarie Flight
Bearcat - Buckeye-Illinois
Interstate-1 - PAPowerchutes
Bear Perkins
Canadian Powered Parachutes
Buckeye- Mid South
Buckeye - Hank's
Buckeye - Future Fl;ight
Itty Bitty Trailer Co
Weekend Flyer
Wells Cargo
Classic Manufacturing
Factory Direct Trailers
Future Flight
Sky Trails Ranch
Fort Vancover Ultralights
Bonneville Skybase
Yukon Delta
Excalibur PPC Open Trailers
Aluma Ltd
Trailer Towing Mirrors 


High Energy - Quantum Chutes
Performance Design Chutes
Flight Concepts Chutes
Apco Chutes
Chiron Elliptical Chutes
Flightline Paraflight, Chiron Dealer.
Easy Flight Powered Parachutes, PD Distributor
Montana Powerchutes, PD Distributor
Envol Chutes
Solartime - Measures UL on Chute
Mojo's Chiron,others Chute Repair
All's Well Powered Parachute Canopy Repair

Rising Air  - Chute Repair
Custom Chute Painting  - logos

California Power Systems
Aircraft Spruce
Leading Edge Air Foils 
(Ultralight & Experimental Aircraft Kits & Parts)
Lockwood Aviation Supply

Sky Mart (shopping, shopping, shopping

Gulf Coast Avionics
Eastern Avionics

VIT Electronics

Threshold Aviation

Rules and regulations
Airspace Classifications
Part 103
103 Clarification
BFI Info

USER Photo Pages
John Gatto's photos of fall colors in Southwest Michigan
Powerchutes Galaxy - PPC landing on Aircraft Carrier  - thanks Herb
Barry and Kathleens Cyber Cafe   
Sam and Pam's Personal Page
Israel PPC Site
German PPC Site


Big Fly-in web pages
EAA fly-in page with info on Sun n Fun, Oshkosh and others

High Energy Sports, great articles on PPC flight
Rotax Owners Association News
How an expansion chamber works
How To Fly in 12 Easy Steps
Adjust Your Carbs - $5.00  
How to buy a Used Engine or PPC

National Weather Service - Interactive Weather Information Network
US Windspeed Map
Weather Underground
Wind speed and direction
Wind speed and direction, the best site IMO
John Deere Weather
Airline Dispatchers Weather

GPS Info
GPS General Information
Log your flights on a topo map with Oziexplorer
Geo Community Online GIS Data
USGS topo map downloads, free!
USGS DRG topo maps, free!
Garmin Updates
GSP World

Other Stuff
PPC engineering Q&A page
Avemco Ins. Co. - Ultralight Insurance
Insurman - Ultralight Insurance
The Cloud Hopper - Not a PPC, but what a cool way to fly!
Para–Chute Toy
Poopatroppers Toy
Silver City Airport, Helena Montana
   Home of Muff & EAA Chapter #85
   AirNav URL

Radio Controlled Powered Parachutes (R/C)
Air Foil Aviation - Radio controlled model PPCs  
Sky Surfer radio controlled electric scale model  PPC
HobbyZone Sky Surfer 
PowerGlider radio controlled PPC CS:GO gambling Sites Reviews