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 Brief Introduction to Powered Parachutes

Flying, an age old desire, and in this day and age, anyone can fly. But flying in a commercial airliner is more like riding in a bus than the fantasy we dream about. At 35,000 feet, the scenery is interesting for an hour or two, but the real fun is soaring at bird speed, just above the tree tops. 

Those with a really intense desire to fly have probably looked into getting their general aviation (fixed-wing) license, contemplated spendi ng the thousands of dollars and many hours required to get a license, more thousands of dollars to buy a plane, and more yet to rent hanger space, and maintain the aircraft. And after all that, they realize that flying a Cessna is fun, but not at all what they had dreamed of. 

In the mid 60's, a new flying machine was invented, the Powered ParaChute (PPC). Crude at first, it has evolved into the ultimate personal flying machine. Able to fly slowly just above the tree tops, or ascend to almost 10,000-feet, safely, affordably, and comfortably. The PPC is indeed the ultimate personal flying machine - the most recent version of a "magic-carpet" flight.

I know, it seems too good to be true, but thanks to technology, almost anyone can live their flying dreams with a PPC. The basics of flying a Powered Parachute can be learned in as little as 12-hours. Buying one will cost less than the family car, and no license is required for some single-seat models. It can be stored in the garage, and towed to the airstrip on an inexpensive trailer. And most maintenance can be performed by the owner. 

Flying the PPC is pure pleasure. No worries about stalls or spins. You can just relax and enjoy the experience. Speed is slow, about 30-mph at all times, although climb rate is comparable with many (general aviation) GA aircraft. Wind in your face is minimal (and yet exciting) and your hands are free for taking unbelievable photographs. 

If you're interested in learning more about PPC flying...


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