I have come up with a method for adjusting the carb needles 1/4 of a "click" at a time. This involves the use of special Mil Spec stainless steel washers of the right thickness. There are two thicknesses used. One is for 1/4 "click" and the other is for 1/2 "click". Obviously using one of each together gives 3/4 "click". I will send you a set of these which consists of enough for adjusting 4 carbs to 3/4 "click" each. The reason for the oversupply is that these washers a very tiny and you are bound to lose one at some point in time so I supply extras. If you are like me, when I drop something it goes down a sewer, rolls under a heavy bench or flys into the grass and is lost.
The washers are placed under the needle to raise it the appropriate amount as needed. Sometimes 1 "click" is not right and fractions might be useful to even things out.
Send a check or money order for $5 with your shipping address to me and I'll send you a set.

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