Destiny Windshield by Bruce Pritchett
Just came in from the garage where I finished up the windshield for my Destiny.  My plan is to paint the tubing black, but I will likely wait until nice weather to do that, since I won't need it then, and paint works better in warm weather.  Some of the features are:   Lexan shield.  Thick walled aluminum frame.  A full 40" tall and 30" wide.  No drilling required on the machine (clamps to the gooseneck in front and uses existing bolts in the back.)  Comes down all the way to the front fork, but allows full steering movement without interference.  It seems really solid, and I am sure it will trailer fine.  Maybe it will be nice and cold tomorrow, so I can try it out!

Here are a couple more shots of the details of how I attached the windshield to the Destiny.  One shows the detail where it attaches at the front of the machine to the "gooseneck" that goes from the rails to the fork assembly.  The shield is anchored to a piece of 1-1/2" steel angle.  This is clamped to the gooseneck with a plate underneath and a 2-1/2" long grade 8 bolt on each side.

To anchor the rear supports, I mounted a piece of 1" angle steel underneath the rails using bolts that are already there to mount the instrument pod.  On each end of this brace I have a stainless bracket.  All the hardware is either AN or Grade-8.  I found I can buy grade-8 bolts at the local Big-R store by the pound, and they carry a great selection of lengths in the fine-threaded quarter inch size.  A whole bag of bolts, including several in the 3" range came to about $3.50 total.

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