HHF Front Wheel Band Brake by Pete Contenta
This segment is on front wheel brakes. I had a friend of mine order a set of band and drum style brakes from Azusa. You will have to purchase the steel brake drum , brake band ,brake cable and brake lever. Each part is sold separately. This is fairly easy to install Some light modifications will be needed ,along with some very minor fabrications. The two  biggest tools you will need will be a bench grinder and a drill, preferably a drill press. This little brake works fair. It does not work as  well as a hydraulic brake system so please don't expect it to. Be it will slow ya down quite well. It works best when you are rolling backwards . Which is why I put it on . We fly the beach all the time and there is a constant onshore breeze. When landing and the wing drops, you always  roll backwards over the suspension lines. Ergo the need for brakes! I also incorporated  Steve's parking brake as I had a RUNAWAY plane during warm once and don't wish to repeat that experience . I still have the scar on my leg from that screw up. The best part is this whole system costs $30. If you get set up as a dealer,very easy to do, for Azusa  you will average 40 percent off most purchases, sometimes more, and the brakes will cost you less than $20. If anyone needs  more detailed info on any the projects I have posted feel free to write me direct for additional info . I don't want to bore those not interested on the list with a ton of details. Again here is a pic , not very good quality , but it will give ya idea of what it looks like .

Here is the part #s and pricing(retail) 
Brake drum, #2211/$7.80
Brake band  #2255/$11.95
Brake cable #1751/$2.30
Brake lever #1731/$8.35  can probably find this at Wally world or a bike shop. The one from Azusa has a 7/8" clamp and needs to be modified to fit the 1" tubing on the HHF. It is easiest to do this on an end mill but not everyone has one of those at their disposal. I would try to find this item in the 1"dia ,it would be much simplier! 

Question: Will the drum fit the front axle without changing the front fork width? 

Yes and No !!! ;-) You don't have to change the fork width but you will have to cut the axle spacers or make some new ones. You will need to drill one hole in the forks for the brake band holder bolt.You will also need to do some minor grinding on the brake band so it will not rub on the wheel rim.Only two small areas on the brake band need to be ground down. The cable is way to long. After determining the proper length remove the cable from the sheath and cut the sheath. Insert the cut end of 
the sheath in the lever cable holder end not the brake band end on the wheel. If you make this purchase and have any more questions while doing the modification feel free to write me and I will walk you through it. I can even send you some pics of the specific areas you have questions about.