I need help.  My Buckeye pulls to the left.  I have tried three times to shorten and lengthen the proper steering lines and still it pulls to the left.  I, being new to this sport, am concerned that if I continue to adjust these lines I may tightened the chute to much and cause it fly near a stall condition.  Always giving right rudder is hard on my leg and limits my flights to one hour (then my leg gives out).  By always giving right rudder my machines crabs to the right all the time.  In other words it doesn't fly where it is pointed. This is really annoying when landing as I have to correct the crab just before touching down.  If I can't get it fixed I'll drive to the Buckeye plant and let them trim it.  Any help out there?  By the way, I measured my steering lines today and the left line is 2 inches longer then the right line.


Here is Ed Neff's instructions...

I had a similar problem with steering my 2000 Buckeye 582. The 1998 Model I had previous was not a problem.

First see if the plane flies straight at minimum power. This will at least tell you if the problem is truly torque related.
I think the best solution is to offset the engine thrust. This is how torque is compensated in G/A and it should work as well in PPC. This was more tinkering than I wanted to do, so after several people advised me to add another pair of stainless steel quick links to the left side I decided to try it. It works fine and though I'm not 100% comfortable with modifying from the factory, I still feel it's much safer than the excessive pulling down of the right trailing edge that was necessary previously.

Charlie Bible
Coram, NY