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PPC Image Gallery

Images posted here were submitted by subscribers to the PPC emailing list. If you would like to post an image, contact info@powerchutes.com for more information. If you have PPC related images on your page, let me know and I'll put up a link to it. Same goes for stories and poems.

Alaska Ray: Talk about getting high! 
Acrh Adams. Check out this great camera angle! 
Barry O'Carroll: Check out his Australian PPC, and  Aerial photos of New Zealand
Bear Perkins: Some great shots from Bear including a downed PPC in the woods.
Ben Fleming: See Ben's backpack unit and flying area.
Bil Gius: Images from Lake Winnebago.
Bill Ruff: Images from Wyoming.
Bill Meyer: Images from San Carlos Mexico
Bob Bickmeyer: Aerial photos of upstate New York
Bob Hawk: Aerial view of Kansas and images of the Powrachute. 
Bob Ogg: Bob and his SR7 in Michigan 
Brian Lee: Southern CA aerial shots, and the first side by side PPC. 
Brian Shirley: Enclosed trailer photos.
Bruce Brown: ParaCycle assembly photos.
Bruce Pritchett: Photos of Bruce's PPC, trailer, and flying area. Page 2Also exhaust coating.
Chris East: Photos from the Kamloops BC area.
Chuck and Amy: Some beautiful flying photos.
Clarence Lloyd: Sea-Bow on the beach images.
Curtis Sprayberry: Images from Kansas.
David Anderson: Flying in the Southern California desert.
David Kanters   trip to Borneo - Orangutan Foundation
Dave Nicholson: Some shots of PPCs near Mt. Shasta in N. California.
Dave Nagel: Images of the Missouri River.
Demetris Demetriades at Lara Bay Cyprus
Dewy Rassler: Images of flying from a frozen lake.
Don Stutts: See Don's enclosed PPC.
Don Stutts - Side by Side 2 Seater 
Ed Neff: Ed and his Buckeye at a fly-in.
Eddie Baxley Softwings Powered Parachutes
Even Green: Images of flying near the Ventura Ca beach.
Fred's First Flight
Frank Schlichting 
Gary Miller: Gary's collection of PPC images.
George Hawkins: George's PPG unit in flight.
Harald Collonia: See Harald and his flying field. 
Harrell Alford: Outlaw and D.A.R.E. chute
Howie C. Jett: Images of Scott Cunnyngham's GEII at Sun N Fun. 
H Robert Overly III: Some nice aerial shots.
Jack Dunn: Images from Flathead Lake Montana.
Jeffrey Daniels: SR7 bottle mount modifications, and link to more pics on his home page.
Jerry Holms: Flying over Utah Lake.
Jim Leon:Check out Jim's incredible Buckeye with all the bells and whistles. 
Joe Albanese: The Para-Ski, camping photos, and a front engine PPC. 
Joe Wirtz: Joe's new machine's first time out, and other photos.
John Gatto: Patrice's First Flight
John Kosowski: Images if the Powers Lake Wisconsin area.
John Shepherd: Photos of John's heated Buckeye with fairing
John Wards: Images of his SR1 and arial photos of Oklahoma
Ken Martinmaas: 1999 SR7 and home built trailer.
Kermon's AVI movie: A link to a video of Kermon's first flight.
Kimbrell Coast to Coast photos and stories.
Kirk Conner: See one of Kirks great images.
Larry Kennedy: Nice photo of an SR7.
Lawrence Butt: Flying photos from near Baton Rouge Louisiana.
Mark Hilll: Nice PPC sunset image.
Marty Ignazito: Images of the PPC stuff Marty builds.
Michael Gilbert: Smithville TN from 10,000'
Mike Casidy Trip to Borneo
Oregon's Outback by Q.
Paul Shellabarger: Aerial farm photo.
Perry Dickau: Some images from flights in my area.
Q: A couple of Central Oregon flights, flying through rain, photos on the events page.
Richard & Betty Gulley: Destiny flying in Arkansas
Randy Moore: Winter flying and amazing camera angle.
Randy Thomas: Images of Randy's trailer.
Richard Kimbrell: Check out a partially collapsed chute, and other images.
Richard Stuart: Images of the Golden Eagle, and others.
Rick Hamilton: Photos of his Harmening's HF.
Rob Overly: Image from Herlong Airport.
Ron Gafni photo site
Roscoe's Surf Shop Paraski Images.
Scott Hughes: NASA Balloon Festival Flying
Six Chuter Academy: A few photos of the Six Chuter dealer academy, Jan 1998. 
Six Chuter Fly-In Yakima 98
Six Chuter Fly-In Yakima 2000
Steve Schanne: Photos of he Buckeye Falcon 582, flying field, and more.
Steven Thomas: Images of his flying field and his SR7.
Sun N Fun photos from Marty Ignazito
SuperDave: Flying in Kentucky and the Powrachute. 6-11-00
SuperDave: KIMO Y2K images.
Terry Howell: Image of Howell International Airport.
Terry Singdahlsen : Images of the only PPC in Norway (in a tree).
Tom Reed: Images of Noah's Ark Balloon near Tracy California.
Ziggy Coyle: See one or more of Ziggy's drawings.

Other PPC related image pages:
Tim Whiston's photo page
Jess W Fulbright's photo page
Arni Nashbar's photos on Ophoto.com
Yahoo Groups PPC photo file
Rainbow Chasers photo page.
Flight Experience, Inc. 
Photos of Mediaone filming Eddie Burkett's powerchute for a T.V. program
Louis and Meg Cavaluzzi's Powered Parachute Page.
Chris East's PPC page
Barry Foer's photo page
Ron Gafni photo site

Stories and Poems:

Bucky's flight stories
Bruce Pritchett's Poem