Adding steering line pulleys to a Six Chuter by Doug Miller and Gary Fisher

Here's my idea for those who are debating the merits of using pulleys on your steering tubes. Hope you can visualize it without a picture.

Run the line from the outrigger through the steering bar pulley and lock in the proper trim by knotting the line as it exits the pulley toward the side rail. You can put a bead or rubber washer between  the pulley and the knot to prevent wear.

Then attach the line to the side rail with a quick link or with a line trimmer mounted to the machine. If the line is taut, between the machine and the steering tube, the knot will be pulled away from the pulley as you turn and you will get a 2:1 ratio. If you unhook the line at the quick link (or loosen it at the trimmer) the knot will hold the line at the tube and you will get a 1:1 ratio.

Switch back and forth for comparison purposes or for different types of flying. Or leave SOME slack between the side rail and tube to get progressive steering. It will be 1:1 (easy) until the slack is taken up, then it will become 2:1. You can vary the kick-in point as desired. This way you get easy turning and crabbing control but can still turn and flare more sharply.

Gary Fisher

steeringratios.gif (6780 bytes)

Drawing by Gary Miller

pulleys.jpg (77680 bytes)

Picture of Q's Six Chuter SR7