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Stories and Poems

Poems by Frank Weeden (Low and Slow added 7-15-01)
Paraplane Passion by David Hartwig
PPC Deer Hunt from Don Stutts and James Stoner
An Adventure Above the Clouds by Michael W. Gilbert UFI
My First Solo Flight by Gary Fisher
True Treetop Story by Homer Taulbee
First Flight Story by Frank H. Weeden
Story by Steven M. Cart
Thoughts on statistics and risk by Ken Butler
First Home Field Solo by Kathleen Elrod-Foer
Cross country flight by Steve Thomas.
Patrice's First Flight
On Eagle's Wings a poem by Pastor Greg Ratliff.
Newspaper article about Butch Mood
Newspaper Article about Bruce and Ruth Pritchett
Steve Schanne's newspaper article
Story from Bud Simpson of Portland
There's a Powered Parachute by Ken Butler
"The Compliant Swan" By O. Lee Floyd III
1998 Flying Stories by Bucky Carr
1999 Flying Stories by Bucky Carr
Patrick` Zaczyk's First Flight
Poem by Bruce Pritchett
Farmer's Friend - Up, Up, and Away!
Successful Farming
Parachuting from a PPC
First Flight from Elberta