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None of these articles are guaranteed to be accurate. Use common sense when dealing with things that your life depends on. If you have any technical tips you would like to post here, email them to info@powerchutes.com

Oil DOES make a difference... so which oil for a Rotax engine?

2-Cycle Oil Basics

Disassembling Your Bing Carburetor (For Inspection or Jet Change) by Chris Wolf 

Rebuild Your Bing Carburetor by Chris Wolf

$1.55 Carb Sync Tool by Marty Ignazito

Six Chuter chute attachment diagram by Doug Miller

Synchronizing Dual Carbs

Powered Parachute Stall Primer, by Bill Gargano, Quantum Parachutes, Inc.

Spark Plugs and Carbs by Ron Price

Wing Selection - Gary Fisher