Powerchute Carrier for Pickup by Charley Tozier

Attached is a series of pictures of the PowerChute carrier I made for my Chev pickup.  I find it is easier to maneuver than a trailer and does not require a parking space to store when not in use.  When you arrive at your flying site, it can remain on the pickup or be stored under your powerchute.

The carrier fits into a 2X2 inch receiver hitch.  The main load bearing piece is 2X2 solid bar stock.  I got it from a trailer fabrication company, but should be available at any steel supplier in the local yellow pages. The length is custom fit so the rear wheels of my SR-7 rest against the rear of the pickup bumper.  The cross piece and wheel pads were salvaged at a junk yard.  The cross piece is 12 inches more than my SR-7 axle length, and still remains inside the width of the pickup bumper.  The wheel pads are about 9X12 inches allowing 2X6 wooden ramps to attach for loading. 

The nose wheel rides in the pickup bed and is tied down with a tie down strap.  In addition to the nose tie down, I use six tie-down straps. (Not shown in photos)  The rear wheel tie-downs are straps that run trough the wheel spokes and secure to the cross piece.  One strap on each of the unit's outriggers hook into the pickup's rear tie-down rings. A long tie-down strap runs from the top of the unit to the front tie-down rings on each side of the front of the pickup bed. (visible in the middle photo)  For added safety on long trips, I run a strap from the rear tie-down rings on each side of the pickup down and around the rear axle.

The photos show a trailer hitch welded to the rear of the carrier.  I have never used it due to concern of the trailer hitting the fan guard.  One could design and add a trailer hitch if enough clearance was provided for the fan guard.

I secure the prop with a bright colored prop sock.  It prevents the prop from turning while on the road and provides motorists following behind me a visual clue of the unit's over-hang. The pickup running lights, tail lights and turn indicators are not blocked by the SR-7 wheels.

Care is required for the extra height and extended rear end of the unit.  Drive-thru windows at fast food outlets are not used.  The top of the fan guard will hit the second story balcony of most motels if you back into a parking slot in front of your room.  I try to back into parking against a fence or building to prevent another motorist from bumping the unit while I am not present.

Finally, I use a 30 gallon wheeled heavy plastic trash can available at Sears or Wal Mart to store and carry equipment and supplies while traveling.  Securing the lid with a bunge cord keeps contains dry and out of sight.  I have had no problem with contents disappearing as who would put valuables in a "trash can"???

Charley Tozier
Mulvane, Kansas

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