Custom fuel tank for Harmenings by Steve Thomas

I finally finished installing the custom 10 gallon fuel tank that I had made. This tank has been customized to fit a 1997 HHF. It carries a full 10 gallons of fuel and has a sump in the bottom with a baffle in it to keep the last 2 gallons from sloshing from side to side. I started with a tank design offered by John Walach, Precision Composite Inc,  John worked with me to create a new bottom for his tank that would fit between the rails on the HHF and act as a sump, and at the same time increase the capacity to a full 10 gallons. We then added a baffle in the sump that will keep the fuel from sloshing to the side in a hard turn with less than 2 gallons in the tank.  If any other HHF owners are interested, Precision Composite Inc. will sell you one in your custom color to match your plane. If you want any more details just e-mail me and I will be happy to answer your questions about installation. I took photos at different stages of the process in jpg format. Now I need good weather for a nice 3 hour flight!

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