There’s A Powered Parachute

There’s a powered parachute
Low or high they’re kinda cute
Don’t they  cost a ton of loot?
Why not find out? It’s a hoot!

When you see one you may wonder
If I try it and I blunder
Will it break me butt assunder?
Will it put me six feet under?

Well you can look at them and sigh
And you can think they go too high.
Or - you can hope that you won’t die
And then go and ride one in the sky.

So if you think you have the moxy
And you’re not the type to do by proxy,
You can feel so proud and foxy
As you soar like yonder hawksy.

You can be so mystifyin’
You can be so death defyin’
You can have YOUR colors flyin’
You can be the one they’re spyin’.

If you’re lookin' for a thrill.
And want to rise above that hill
You can do it if you will
Get some guts and not until!

                             Ken Butler