PPC Deer Hunt from Don Stutts and James Stoner

A flying buddy of mine recently used his new destiny PPC in a way I've never heard of before. I thought you might find it interesting and he even included photos.

My friend, James Stoner, of Athens Texas secured a deer lease near Evant Texas. about a week before deer season he was notified by the land owner that he and the others on his deer lease
would not be able to utilize the lease because of a dispute over land access with another landowner. in other words his lease was "landlocked" because of a disagreement between landowners.

It didn't take James but a few minutes to decide to load his new destiny PPC with all of his hunting/camping gear, take off from the side of a county road a few miles from the lease and
proceed to hunt his deer lease.

He did just that. James and his daughter Brook (age 8) took off from the side of a county road. they enjoyed a wonderful cross country flight and after locating a suitable field on his deer lease

They packed the canopy and taxied to a suitable camping spot. Using tarps they formed a crude tent like structure to protect them from the elements. The next morning, father and daughter killed a small whitetail buck. after field dressing the deer, they quartered it and loaded the PPC for the flight back.

They had a great time.

Hope you enjoy this hunting tale. James said you were welcome to post his story and photos on your site if you felt like others would enjoy hearing  about it.

Thanks for your time,

Don Stutts
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