Paraplane Passion

Flying high up in the sky
It's such a dream to fly
Up in a parachute
Flying along so slow
A dream comes true
Being part of the show
You feel so good
The way you should
When the air is smooth
And you have stress to soothe
Flying high above the ground
You can hear the sound
Of your engine(s) humming
To the clouds you're coming
Nothing is as great
When you're above the state
And off the globe
There is no road
Where the eagle dares
You have no cares
You won't believe your mind
Or the great things you'll find
You're just another bird flying free
Imagine all the things you can see
You wish it would last forever
Like the love that you endeavor
There is no greater feeling than flying
So just don't sit there sighing
Get a machine made for floating
And I don't mean the one for boating.
Someday it will be the fashion
Powered parachuting is a passion
Some say dreams don't come true
But you can enjoy the passion too
It is such a shame when it's time to land
The sun goes down but it is grand
Return to earth just like a feather
To dream about the time you'll be together
Your paraplane and you going up to the sky
Feeling free and floating high.

Written by David Hartwig
Cedar Rapids, IA