On Eagle’s Wings

Today I will fly on eagle’s wings, soaring ever so high.
Up from the ground in a moment or two, I’ll become one with the sky.
My flight will take me to places unknown, to heights I’ve never been,
“Clear Prop!” I’ll shout, then start my plane, and off I’ll go once again.

The sky so blue, the grass so green, God paints His work so well,
It’s beauty I’ll see with wonder and with awe, How can I begin to tell?
High I’ll fly, then back down I’ll come, moving slowly above the ground;
I’ll float through the air for a brief moment in time, and then my wheels touch down.

Just as soon as they touch, I’ll roll a few feet, look overhead and see all is OK,
And away I will go back into the sky, to spend the remainder of this glorious day.
What a feeling I get when I look straight ahead, see the ground turn from green to blue,
Each time I take flight I know I will see, something exciting, something great, something new.

Yes, Today I will fly with eagle’s wings, soaring ever so high.
I’ll choose my path with patience and with care, over fields and valleys I will fly.
Then I’ll watch the sunset, come down from above and with dreams for tomorrow I will plan,
And if God will allow, back up I will go, on eagle’s wings I will soar over this land.

       By Pastor Greg L Ratliff