The Destiny airboat was originally designed for search and rescue. During the winter months in Michigan, people break through the ice. It is a dangerous rescue, or recovery because of the unstable ice. This boat allows the rescue team to get to the break through site quickly, and safely. The boat is extremely stable allowing a person to be pulled aboard without upset.


With the 582 it will travel about 40 45 MPH across the water with 1 person and about 30 35 MPH with two people. And it is a BLAST to play with on the lakes, and rivers. The boat is 14 long, and about 8 wide. It is aluminum, with aluminum plate hull. It has large saddles to accommodate strapping the unit down without removing the tires. This makes for a swift conversion.


The airboat was designed around a Destiny 2000. The measurements for the tire saddles will most likely be close to others, maybe not. Also, our unit sits considerably higher than others. A unit that sits lower in the boat may not have the same thrust projection. There is also weight, and balancing issues in order for the boat to hydroplane correctly. To determine if another PPC can be used, Destiny will need to know the front to rear axle-to-axle distance, span between inside rear tires, height of the prop from the ground and overall weight.


The boats for a Destiny are produced with a special trailer and retail for about $9,500.00. The boat alone retails for $6,500.00.


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