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The purpose of this page is to provide an avenue of communication among enthusiasts around the world. Whether you are an owner, dealer, or just interested in learning more about this rapidly growing sport, you'll find something of interest on these communication services.

We've found a audio chat program program called PalTalk. Here are the instructions for use.

1. Go to www.paltalk.com and download the program. Install program and log on.

2. Press the "Groups" button to open the groups window.

3. Double click on "Sports - Recreational Activities"

4. If you see a PPC related room double click on it to enter. If you don't see a PPC related room you'll have to start one and wait for others to join.

New: Put your mug on the rogues gallery so people can link a face with a voice or message.

The www.powerchutes.com emailing list is without a doubt the best source of PPC information available anywhere. Messages are exchanged between over 700 PPC enthusiasts from around the world. If you have a question about PPCs, this is the place to get it answered. 

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Brief History of the emailing list: 

On February 25, 1997 MAPPC member Paul Castellano created an emailing list for the use and enjoyment of powered parachute enthusiasts worldwide.  The number of subscribers grew so rapidly (to about 200) that the list soon needed to be moved to another server to be able to handle the volume of posts being made. Q Myers of Bend, Oregon took over list administration for a couple of years and the list grew to nearly 400. Brian Lee of Helena Montana now administers the list. Subscribers number over 900 at last count.

If you have questions or need help on the email list email skyryder@qwest.net