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My custom brake installation on a Buckeye 582DM.

This is the latest fork clamp for the Buckeye brake conversion. It replaces the earlier, lighter one shown above on the 582DM. It fits any Buckeye. Very solid. The old one was fine, but it required specially made nuts while this one is easier to install and a bit beefier in the bargain. With this clamp there is absolutely no backing plate "twist" like you see on "homebrew" jobs using u-bolts or single bolts drilled thru the fork tube. This clamp is the heart of a rigid brake installation on a PPC nosewheel fork.

This one is of the chrome plated steel brake lever with new 7/8" dia custom heavy wall 6061-T6 tube steering lever.

This picture shows the brake as it would appear in operating position on a Sixchuter front fork. The fork shown is my shop fabrication fork (with no Sixchuter attached).

This picture is an upside down view of the backing plate, fork, axle, wheel & tire assembly. Note the new threaded axle with locknuts. This and the heavy fork clamp make for a rigid "no twist" backing plate installation as strong as that on my Buckeye fork clamp.

This last pict shows the complete bolt on Sixchuter brake assembly ready for packing and shipping to the customer. All parts are included for a complete installation:

Backing plate with shoes, backing plate fork clamp with bolts & locknuts, new axle with nuts and locknuts, new heavy 6061-T6 alum axle spacers, new wheel with tire/tube & HD ball bearings, brake drum attached to new wheel with HD low head screws and locknuts.

The Prairie Skyhook is shown in use towed by a golf cart. Hand use is also possible. Note handles.

This one shows the spring loaded (bungee cord for a spring) automatic axle latch on the Prairie Skyhook towbar. Note that the hook cannot be installed without closing this latch automatically and not removed without manually releasing it.

This is of an assortment of some of the wheels and tires I handle.  The second from the left is the stock tire almost all PPCs wear (an Azusa 8 inch "Spinner"). On the left an Azusa 6 inch "Tristar". First one right of the Spinner, an Azusa "Tenicher" (I'm looking to have this and the Spinner powder coated in black) and last on the right "The Prairie Sasquach" (bigfoot) a huge 16-950X8 on a 7" wide steel rim. It's heavy, but it's mighty.

These are picts of new and failed wheel bearings. The 8205 snap ring bearing in the lower left corner is the one I sell.
The Prairie Spring Spreader is shown spreading one of the exhaust springs on a Buckeye 582DM.
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