Rogues Gallery

On the PPC emailing list or the voice chat? Send in your picture so people will know who they're talking to. Email to and I'll post it here.

jdunn.jpg (14810 bytes)
Jack Dunn (Skyjack)
lbutt.jpg (6269 bytes)
Lawrence Butt
nail.jpg (14093 bytes)
Reggie Toler (Nail) Franklin, Il
qrouge.jpg (13795 bytes)
Q, Bend Oregon (flying in the rain)
cspray.jpg (8973 bytes)
Curtis Sprayberry , Sixchuter Dealer in Haysville,Ks  known as Curtisks6chuter
roguechrise2.jpg (33007 bytes)
Chris East, Kamloops BC.
petecontenta.jpg (7005 bytes)
Peter Contenta , Galveston Texas
jwards.jpg (16898 bytes)
John Wards, Bixby, OK (flying in the cold sun)
normhunt.jpg (6707 bytes)

Norm Hunt

roguedave.jpg (15798 bytes)
Superdav Ky with son Devin

rogueroger.jpg (8926 bytes)
roguelester.jpg (21810 bytes)
Lester, KY
roguedon.jpg (21583 bytes)
Don Wade, Winder,Georgia (metro Atlanta)
roguerandy.jpg (7832 bytes)
Randy (BC)  Fly a Paracender II 503 DCDI
roguegulley.jpg (13747 bytes)
Richard Gulley, AR
roguegarey.jpg (14365 bytes)
Garey Bittenbender, Bloomsburg, PADestiny 2000
roguejohndeb.jpg (20673 bytes)
John and Debbie Lett, and family.
roguelarry.jpg (24822 bytes)
Larry Speed from W. Des Moines Iowa
roguegary.jpg (26267 bytes)
Gary Sharp, Arkansas
rogueed2.jpg (25840 bytes)
Ed Neff
roguejrice.jpg (16795 bytes)
J. D. Rice, and my "wonder dog", Tyson
roguebobd.jpg (9791 bytes)
R.M."BOB" Doerr
roguermoore.jpg (23322 bytes)
Randy Moore, West Glacier, Montana
roguegswisher.jpg (23636 bytes)
Garth Swisher, Cumming, Iowa
roguedarrel.jpg (16932 bytes)
Home brew all the way. The Bumblebee. Darrel Hauer   Albert Lea MN
roguekeith.jpg (12442 bytes)
Keith Dial, Wichita, Kansas
roguettownsend.jpg (23076 bytes)
(left to right) John Wards, Lucas Townsend, Tim Townsend.
roguesue.jpg (45234 bytes)
womanflyer---SUE from  South Central Kansas, flies  a SR5XP Sixchuter!
roguegarryp.jpg (10745 bytes)
GiLikeToFly, Garry Palmer Nipawin Saskatchewan Canada
N53 19 57 W104 00 30

Now that I have a machine, I'd thought it would be good to post a picture Keith Storrs
Far northern IL,
Destiny 582


roguegreg.jpg (16011 bytes)
Pastor Greg Ratliff
rogueevan.jpg (17359 bytes)
Evan Green
roguefrankw.jpg (19037 bytes)I Howdy Folks! I am the proud owner of a brand new Eagles-Wing Scout! I don't have any pictures of me with it yet, but here
is my photo.

Frank Weeden
Shelbyville, TN
roguebandk.jpg (15668 bytes)

Barry & Kathleen Foer
Alexandria, VA




rogueronh.jpg (20460 bytes)

Ron Howard
Crossville, TN

roguefranks.jpg (16191 bytes)

Frank Schlichting, MC Ranch, Ft St John BC Canada

Here is my new Toy! An Eagles-Wing one seater! I am looking for pilots in the Tristate area to fly with
( Ohio,Kentucky,And Indiana in Ohio River valley)   Mike Kappes
Northwind Powered Parachutes
Troy Ablitt-Williams Lake, B.C. Canada