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Online Sales Information

Interested in selling your products on www.powerchutes.com? Why not? It's cheap and easy.  We ask only 5% of what is sold through online orders from the page. Whether you have 1 item or 30 we'll work with you to make a page that displays your merchandise and emails orders direct to you.

Here's how it works:

First you contact us to get a page built. You simply send photos, prices, descriptions, logos contact information, and give us an idea what you want your page to look like. We'll build the page and order form, then after you OK the final version, the page will be available to shoppers. A link will also be put on the www.powerchutes.com online shoppers page

When a shopper fills out the form and pushes the "submit" button the information will be automatically and immediately emailed to you. You then contact the customer to confirm the order and arrange shipping and payment.

As far as payment to www.powerchutes.com, it's honor system only. Keep track of your sales from the page and send us a check every month or two, assuming you make some sales.