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PPC Friendly Airports and other places to fly from. 

If you know of a PPC friendly airport or other place to fly from, email the info to info@powerchutes.com and I'll post it here. See the listing under Oregon, Prineville to see the format I am looking for. Please forward the Air Nav URL if available. 



Nipawin Saskatchewan airport call sign CYBU 53 19 57N, 104 00 30W 
I have flown many hours from this airport. in northern Saskatchewan. 
I have pictures of the town of Nipawin on my web page 
http://www3.sk.sympatico.ca/palga all are welcome to come for a visit. 

Puerto Rico

Humacao Municipal Airport AirNav URL http://www.airnav.com/cgi-bin/airport-info?X63

Patillas Municipal Airport AirNav URL http://www.airnav.com/cgi-bin/airport-info?X64







TRACY airport is about the only airport within a 60 mile radius that is friendly to all types of ultralights.  There are about nine of us PPC, two PPG, and lots of balloon people.  Its a fun place to be on a good weekend. The staff are always friendly, and there is always coffee perkin. 
AirNav URL http://www.airnav.com/cgi-bin/airport-info?TCY

MONTAGUE-YREKA ROHRER FIELD AIRPORT This airport is used by a variety of ultralights, balloons and gliders. PPCs are welcome, and included in airport activities.  Dave Nicholson AirNav URL http://www.airnav.com/cgi-bin/airport-info?1O5

SISKIYOU COUNTY AIRPORT Siskiyou County Airport is home base for most area ultralight activities. 
There is low GA traffic here, and plenty of room. Dave Nicholson AirNav URL http://www.airnav.com/cgi-bin/airport-info?SIY

Furnace Creek Airport in Death Valley National Park. Paved runway next to DVNP headquarters. Camping, restraunt, gasoline, store, warm weather, great scenery. AirNav URL: http://www.airnav.com/cgi-bin/airport-info?L06

Stovepipe Wells Airport in Death Valley National Park. Paved strip next to campground, store, motel, sand dunes, and other scenic attractions. This would be a good place for a winter flying getaway. AirNav URL: http://www.airnav.com/cgi-bin/airport-info?L09


LOGAN ULTRALIGHT AIRPARK Located 35 miles east of DENVER COLORADO. North of Bennett, off RT 79 at 88th Ave.  one mile east. Turf Runways, large open areas for powered parachute landings.  We welcome all powered parachutes, ultralights, microlights, trikes experimentals, gyroplanes & all slow and goes!  Elevation is 5300' - N 39* 51.45 W 104*23.82 Local Freq 122.850 MHZ.  Members of ASC and EAA. This is a good all year round airpark.          Call  Steve Nelson at 303-644-4757 e-mail swrjnelson@msn.com or fly by and say Hi!



COASTAL AIRPORT, 6001 W. Nine Mile Road, Pensacola,FL 32526 Where you enjoy the hospitality of airport owner, Bert Chestnut, and other conventional pilots and porch pilots. N. 30-31.85, W. .087-23.25) AirNav URL http://www.airnav.com/cgi-bin/airport-info?83J

Herlong Airport, Jacksonville, Fl AirNav URL http://www.airnav.com/cgi-bin/airport-info?23J

I discovered a great friendly airport on a recent trip to Florida, located at Immokalee. It is a former military field, and now a regional airport. There are 2 5000' hard surface strips, and a diagonal which is closed. There are literally a hundred acres of grass to fly out of in any direction. There is a small hanger on the west side where several gyros are kept, and ultralights fly out of there often. The airport manager could not have been friendlier. He came over on takeoffs and landings, as he had never seen a PPC there before. The small terminal
building has a new pilot lounge and flight planning area with computers and phones. I was the only one in there when I visited it. The area around Immokalee is citrus and vegetable growning country. The closed diagonal is now used on weekends for drag racing, and they had some very serious equipment there. Ajacent to the gyro hanger is a skydiving outfit, they jumped all weekend when I was there, 10 at a time. This is a very interesting area, give it a look if you get down there. http://www.airnav.com/airport/IMM Reggie Toler/Nail  Franklin,

Orlando Country Airport, Plymouth Florida,  Check with Air port manager Ron Henderson for instructions on using airport



Emmett, Idaho URL: http://www.airnav.com/airport/S78
Emmett is about a half hour NW of Boise.  The airport is combined with a golf course.   People (including golfers) welcome you and love to see PPCs. Beautiful little valley surrounded by hills & mountains.  Mostly farmland in the valley, along with a small town.
Payette River flows through and leads to nearby Horseshoe Bend to the east. Nine miles to Pearl, a mining ghost town.  Ten miles south (over sage brush) is the Treasure Valley, home of Boise, Nampa, Caldwell, and Eagle.  Eagle is closest, but don't fly over it.
Gary Fisher  Boise Cascade Corp. (208) 384-7047 Gary_Fisher@bc.com


Anyone is welcome to our 2 fields to fly. One is Norman Field located in Peotone, Illinois and the other is our EAA chapter field located near Wilmington, Illinois. If you are in the area and want to fly just call Jim Leon @ (815) 741-0203 days or (815) 727-2633 evenings.

Coles County Airport located in Central Illinois.  5 miles east of Mattoon, IL and 5 mile west of Charleston, IL.  Within 2 miles of Interstate-57 exit #190.  Near Eastern Illinois University. PPC friendly small airport.  Large well-kept grass runway available on airport grounds.  Management cooperative and encourage ultralights, including PPCs.  Airport personnel very helpful. 
AirNav URL http://www.airnav.com/cgi-bin/airport-info?MTO

Carthage Ill, hangars are available for overnight under lock in key. PPC 12 minutes from the Mississippi . 20 minutes and from the city of Nauvoo ILL. I'm Edward G Neff jr my address Hamilton ILL. 62341 1430e 1900n 217-746-8911. We are 1 mile out of Carthage on the west side, hope to see you all. e-mail: edneff@adams.net
AirNav info:http://www.airnav.com/cgi-bin/airport-info?I48

New UL flight park is open on Pines Rd  5 miles west of Oregon IL. 1400" grass north / south runway.  Marked powerline at north end along blacktop.  Beautiful  rural area. camping within 1/2 mile at White Pines state park. Go cart, mini golf and consession stand onsite.  Steve Gaston owner and Quicksilver dealer. Bob Fernandez Destiny 815-234-5603




Hamilton Airport,  east of Derby, Ks is 1/4 mile east on 71st  street south from Rock Road, south side of the road! http://www.airnav.com/airport/1K3

Maize Airport, go to 45th and north Ridge Road, then west on 45th street a 1/2 mile on south side of the road. grass strip runway mainly north and south takeoffs. http://www.airnav.com/airport/70K

Mulvane ultralight airport, is  south on Rock Road out of Derby,  when you hit the Mulvane city limits there is a watertower,  turn east on the first road then 1/4 mile down the road you will see a portable sign on the north side of road that says" balloon pad" turn in and go to the back of field. Owner loves these machines and will let you fly any time.


Mayfield - Graves County Airport is very PPC friendly. The airport manager encourages me to fly from there as often as possible as I am the only PPC pilot in the area. The local people love to watch the PPC fly and often show up at the airport to watch the fun. The airport has a concrete runway and an asphalt taxiway. Between the runway and the taxiway is excellent grass to use if you prefer. The Air Nav URL is http://www.airnav.com/cgi-bin/airport-info?M25

Also I would like to list my private airfield. Located in extreme northern Calloway County in western Kentucky approximately 1 mile west of Dexter. My airfield is my back yard and all PPC's are welcome. A photo of the field is available in the gallery under Steven Thomas' photos. The field has over 1,000 feet of runway north and south and 700 feet east and west. From my field you can easily fly your PPC to Kentucky Lake and the Land Between the Lakes federal reserve, as well as Mayfield, Murray, Farrington and Kentucky Lake State Park. If you would like to fly from the home field please notify Steven Thomas at 1-502-767-9814 or e-mail to steve@hcis.net for details. 


Pollock Airpark
Small Plane and PPC Friendly  (Might check first - Ultralight Plane flew over Federal Prison at Pollock,  now airport manager seems irritated at all Ultralight craft, and PPC's)
Great place to fly out of and lots of scenery.
Pollock, La About 15 miles north of Alexandria



My name is Harvey Bailey, and I fly a Buckeye Dream Machine. I have several landing strips on my 70 acres, and welcome anyone wishing to stop in. However, Robin Hood Airport located in the City of Big Rapids welcomes Powered Parachutes, and the local certified aircraft Flying club is doing all the can to promote recreational flying. With 2 well maintained strips and plenty of places to unload it is a great place to visit. 
From Robin Hood, my strips are only 8 minutes north east. For more info please contact Harvey Bailey at 231-796-3217 or 2065@tucker-usa.com. Robin Hood airport AirNav URL http://www.airnav.com/cgi-bin/airport-info?RQB

I have a terrific PPC flight park in West Michigan.  We have RV electrical hook ups.
A wonderful "flight center" building.  We have free camping by the center or down at the trout stream.  Lots of area activities (if its too windy to fly) ...including one of the largest sand dune areas in the world.  Complete with sand dune buggy drags, hill climbs, rentals. etc.  Lots of pretty girls over there.  We live right here at the flight park.  ALL brands of PPCs are welcome here. I am an AFI/CFI and offer a full range of flight packages.  We also have a swimming hole right in the middle of the field that is filled 
with fun things like frogs for the kids.   Just a little bit of PPC heaven!
Contact: Hank & Carole Austin http://www.flightlinetv.com Flightline Television 
Shelby Paraflite School, 4670 West Woodrow Road, Shelby, MI  49455                   E-mail WatchFLTV@aol.com

Sparta Airport, Sparta, Michigan.  Check with R & R powered parachute before flying there. They are based on Airport property.

Located just south of lake City,Michigan. Midwest powerchutes has a 40acre flight park for all ultralights to enjoy. Four wide well maintained runways for your flying enjoyment. Camping and lots of local activitys to enjoy within minutes of the park. Everyone is welcome! Only 12 air miles from cadillac. Feel free to call or stop by! call Roger or Jon at eithor 231 839 8161 or 231 775  4871  or email midwestpowerchutes@hotmail.com   Thanks and enjoy!!



WINONA MUNI-MAX CONRAD FLD AIRPORT AirNav URL http://www.airnav.com/airport/ONA


5R2, Ocean Springs, Ms. is a very friendly PPC airport. They purchased a
Red or Green light to signal when it is safe to land or go around. AirNav URL http://www.airnav.com/airport/5R2


McClurg Airport (56MO), 2 miles north of Monett MO is PPC friendly. Lots of space to take off and land.  Instruction available on site. Service and sales also.  Monett is in SW Missouri, 12 miles south of I-44 between Springfield and Joplin.  417-236-9464 for phone or fax, 417-235-3058 home phone. 
E-mail is mcclurg@sofnet.com

Baugh Flight Park is PPC friendly.  Just west of Hwy 37 between I-44 and Hwy 96  (east of Carthage).   Call 417-358-6233 or 417-246-5801.

Haerr Field (K04), also known as Taylor Airport is a friendly airport for anything that flies; most definitely including PPC's. Located at Taylor, MO in the northeast quadrant of the junctions of highways 61 and 24. The airport lies  5 miles west of the Mississippi  River and Quincy IL. One grass runway, 33/15 and lots of grass to take off from and land. AFI instruction on site for ppw & pfw. Airport Ph: (573) 393-2098 or contact 
Softwing Aviation at (573)768-2465  -  E-mail: softwing@nemonet.com
AirNav URL: http://www.airnav.com/cgi-bin/airport-info?K04


Silver City Airport, Helena Montana. AirNav URL http://www.airnav.com/cgi-bin/airport-info?MT18



Jean Nevada: There is an airport just 20 miles south of Las Vegas in the community of Jean Nevada which is a PPC friendly airport.  There is a Six Chuter dealer set up
inside the airport facility.  Lance Atchison is one of the owners. AirNav URL http://www.airnav.com/airport/0L7

New Hampshire

Moultonboro Airport: located next to beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee with a awesome view of the surrounding lakes and mountains, including Mt. Washington. With many surrounding attractions. AirNav URL http://www.airnav.com/cgi-bin/airport-info?nh08  

New Jersey

New York

Macedon:  The owners of "The Amazing Maize Maze" at Long Acre Farms in Macedon (east of Rochester, NY) publically invite pilots to fly into their well maintained 2000 ft private sod strip located at W43.06 N77.18.  They are friendly to all types of ultralights and balloon people. Scenic pastoral surroundings.  I have flown my PPC there many times and it is a nice grass strip, no facilities but an ice cream store right across the road!  Check out http://www.americanmaze.com/LongAcre.htm and http://www.longacrefarms.com/airmap.htm.  Get in touch with me at daaallen@netacc.net.

North Carolina

North Wilkesboro, at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, PPC, Hot Air Balloons, ultrilights,etc, Lowes Companies Corporate Jets, with friendly pilots. Asphalt runway with rough grass. Aircraft radio recomended.. http://www.airnav.com/airport/UKF




Prineville: Most PPC friendly airport in Central Oregon. 2 asphalt runways and one (rough) grass/gravel strip. Accessible 24 hours per day, rural area, camping available, scenic flying (mountains, canyons, lakes, rivers), very light traffic. Air Nav URL http://www.airnav.com/cgi-bin/airport-info?S39

Madras: Good PPC airport with wide open spaces, very little traffic, scenic areas (canyons, lakes, rivers, Cascade mountains). Air Nav URL http://www.airnav.com/cgi-bin/airport-info?S33

Bend: Home airport for the LanceAir factory so sometimes you have to share airspace with 300 knot GA aircraft. Air Nav URL http://www.airnav.com/cgi-bin/airport-info?S07

Burns: Airport close to many interesting areas including Malheur Wildlife Refuge and Steens Mountain. Airport manager Walt Sitz is a PPC flyer. 
AirNav URL http://www.airnav.com/cgi-bin/airport-info?BNO

Chiloquin: Nice little state airport next to Hwy 97 close to Crater Lake National Park, Klamath Lake and wildlife refuge, and excellent camping at Collier State Park. Air Nav URL http://www.airnav.com/cgi-bin/airport-info?2S7

Christmas Valley: Little desert community in the middle of nowhere. Great scenery, crack in the ground, fort rock, sand dunes, lost forest, wide open spaces, camping wherever you want. Air Nav URL http://www.airnav.com/cgi-bin/airport-info?62S

Paisley:  This airport is out in the middle of nowhere (120 miles from Bend) but has a lighted runway, paved tie down area (large enough for PPC activities), wide open spaces. Camping is permitted. No services. To really get away from it all, this is the place! Paisley Airport web page: http://www.presys.com/paisley/Airport.htm AirNav URL http://www.airnav.com/cgi-bin/airport-info?22S


Ziggy's Field Airport
Pennsylvania   Bellefonte
Three short grass runways, 90 ft wide, longest 1200 ft.  Scenic ridge and valley area eight miles from Penn State University
Lat/Long: 40-51-00.000N / 077-54-20.000W (40.8500000 / -77.9055556)
Elevation: 1050 ft. / 320 m (estimated)
From city: 8 miles NE of BELLEFONTE, PA

South Carolina


Eagleville Airport, Bedford County, TN Primarily a glider airport, but open to ultralights
of all types. Public airport, grass strip, friendly folks. Follow US Rt. 41A west from Shelbyville, approximately twenty minutes. Eagleville Airport is adjacent to the road.


Kitty Hawk air Park is just north of San Antonio on FM 2252, the address is 20180 FW 2252 San Antonio Texas 78266. It is the home of Adventure Ultralights Inc. and Texas Powered Parachutes Inc. I am a Sixchuter dealer.  Tony Irwin 210-6535582-- Ron Johnson is the owner of Adventure Ultralights Inc. and has made this airpark one of the friendliest and provides FW training, Sales and Service. He can be reached at 210 6514757 and his WEB site is www.Adventultralight.com , give Ron or myself a call. Definately PPC friendly! and a beautiful place to fly. Tony



Concord: Collonia International Airport. 10 miles east of Lynchburg. Come visit if you happen to fly in the area. The exact location is longitude N37.324, W78.984, for those who have a GPS. Photo here. 804-993-0802 Email haraldcollonia@yahoo.com


Shelton, Washington, and is called Sanderson Field Airport.  It is an old military field with 3 runways, 2 of which are closed to GA.  They allow PPC's and other UL's to use one of the closed runways.  The grass along side the runway is useable as well.  I think most PPC's can get airborne in under 5,000 feet  !!!  Prior to flying the FBO asks that you check in with them first. The FBO is Olympic Air.


64C - Vincent Airport.

  This is where I do most of my flying.  It is basically a field with an
1700 ft EW runway.  Also, there is a large square area of field near the
hangar that can be used for takeoffs in almost any direction.  The field is
unattended and has a hangar with 3 planes in it.  The only airplanes I have
ever seen fly from this field are one of the ones in the hangar, and a few
miscellaneous planes that have landed to check out my PPC!  Now and then the
local Hot air balloon club launches out of there.  Otherwise, I have the
entire "airport" to myself!  The owner of the field is a very nice lady that
I have met on a couple of occasions, and not only are PPC's welcome, but
they are encouraged!  This summer I owe her grandsons introductory

5K6 - Westosha Airport

This airport has also indicated to me that Ultralights are welcome.
However, this is a more serious airport with an average of 61
landings/takeoffs per day.  With Vincent being about 3 miles away, I do most
of my flying there.

49C - Camp Lake Airport

This airport is just to the east of Vincent and Westosha.  Airnav lists it
as containing Ultralight Traffic.


Other airport information on the net.