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Some facts about www.powerchutes.com

Click HERE for old archived versions of our website.

first came on line on March 30th, 1998. 
running on Teleport.com in Portland Oregon. 
was constructed with Netscape Composer and Adobe Photoshop. 

About the web master. Q Myers 

I am a 47 yr. old single dad, and live with my 13 year old daughter in Bend Oregon, on the eastern slope of the Cascade Mountains. Our very modest mobile home sets on 2 acres of ponderosa pine forest and  is powered with solar electricity generated with photovoltaic cells. I make a living by pretending to be a technician for Sears. When I'm waiting for good flying weather, I'm apt to be canoeing, x-country skiing, or motorcycle touring. 

June of 2001, Q turned the site over to Tommy McJunkins

click HERE for that story: