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Intro Flights
(A PPC Discovery Flight)

There are many CFI's (Certified Flight Instructors) available to take you for your first Powered Parachute Flight (an Introductory Flight) to get the feelings, the sensations of the closest thing possible to a "Magic Carpet" ride!

Note also that many Powered Parachute Sport Pilots would also be happy to take you for a breath-taking flight.  However, if you can find a FAA Instructor (a CFI) then you may also have an opportunity to get lessons, and then take control of this unique aircraft!

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does not make specific recommendations. We list these Powered Parachute Instructors only to give you an idea of what is available. Any opinions expressed are those of the author only.

If you are a PPC CFI, please CONTACT US to list your services.


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With 4-Instructors on staff (as well as an FAA Examiner) we can usually accommodate your schedule to get you airborne in this slow, safe and awesome aircraft! 

Contact us or just come-on-by for a visit to our showroom/factory/training center in Wharton, TX

Just 60-miles southwest of Houston.

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