The Powered Parachute Championships (held from an autumn Wed-Sun) - a FUN Family Event!   Wednesday & Thursday are the pre-qualification rounds for ALL Pilots.  While Friday and Saturday tasks are completed by the top finalized.


Unfortunately, due to circumstances well beyond our control, the PPC Championships are currently
 be held this year.

However, we are planning for a bigger, and even better 
event  in the near future

– where EVERY PPC Manufacturer is 

to display and sell their craft!

 And in addition to giving trophies to the top contestants – we will now be engraving the Champions names on the ‘Crystal Cup’ that will be housed in a display glass case at the event - for the winner to be honored for all-time.




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PPC Championships: 
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2006-2007 Oshkosh
 - as well as the 2006 winner of the Best Innovation Award


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Items donated by the above Sponsors will be auctioned during the Pilots dinner

[Please note - This Year should become one of the largest Powered Parachute competition in the WORLD. So please register early for this unique PPC event - and we sincerely do appreciate your support.  This is an awesome opportunity to be learn and fly with some of the best PPC pilots in the World!]


We hope that you will consider making the trip to the unique and "welcoming" atmosphere of southern Texas, to support this unique and significant Powered Parachuting experience! 
BUT we do understand that some pilots may not wish to make the trip to south Texas because professional CASH or high-valued PRIZES will NOT be offered.  HOWEVER, we are hoping that more pilots want to compete just for the FUN of it, learning and improving their skills that come from competing and the valued CAMARADERIE that will be sustained by moving the PPC CHAMPIONSHIPS to an AMATEUR ranking.

Note however, that the Trophies and Titles that come with the competitions may be all that the competing pilots need to 'bring-out-the-best' of their skills!



This spectacular event will entice celebrities and distinguished speakers in the industry to participate again in this annual experience. Similar to the balloons at Albuquerque, the sky will be filled with "eye-candy" - "Sky-Sails" for the public, as the competitions, and the synchronized flying events are held throughout the affair.

Does your Powered Parachute need a RIDE here?  Many pilots have the time to fly here for the week of the PPC Championships, but they do NOT have the time to drive and hence trailer their aircraft here.  So, if you have room in or on your trailer and will be willing to haul another pilot's PPC and be compensated with gas funds, then please let us know, and we will coordinate the effort.  We will arrange the pickup to be as much 'on your way' here as possible.  And the owner will gladly help with Gas and travel expenses for their PPC if you wish to help ferry another pilots aircraft here.  Contact us at

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