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Wind Dancers Powered Parachutes is a authorized Rotax Repair Station and can service your Rotax engine.  Cylinder honing, decarbing, carb. rebuilding, gear box repairs, and complete engine over-hauls are available. Click here for the Wind Dancers Rotax Repair Station Page.

Ordering Information: Fill out the form below with all relevant information then press the SUBMIT button. Wind Dancers will get in touch with you to verify order and secure payment information.

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A Guide for the Powered Parachute Pilot
By James M. Leon

Over 80 pages of useful information. This handbook is a must have for PPC pilots and instructors alike.

Price is $10.00 US including shipping
or $15.00 outside the US.

Quantity  PPC Guide Book $10.00 US, $15.00 foreign includes shipping

Antennas Wind Dancers Powered Parachutes now offers an antenna set for your aircraft that will surpass all other antennas .  These antennas have better gain (this means your transmission range and receive sensitivity are superior) and better impedance match (this means your signal has no distortion) than any other antenna. Wind Dancers offers a series of aircraft antennas specifically designed to be used without a ground plane.  This means that composite aircraft and fabric covered aircraft can now have their antennas mounted totally within the structure.
These antennas are designed using the latest engineering technology.  Laboratory measurements show them to have better electrical characteristics than currently available products.  The unanimous reports from pilots who have been using them confirm that they outperform everything now available on the market. 

NO Ground Plane . . .
These antennas are designed to operate with the modern radios that are installed in today's composite airframes.  Just bond them in and connect the coax cable, don't use a ground plane.  Seal them into the structure, they last the life of the airframe. One antenna model works for communication, navigation, and for ELT (Three antennas in the aircraft, but all the same design), and this design is tolerant to installation errors.  They will work in metal airframes when a plastic or fiberglass wing tip or similar plastic component has been available to provide the mounting structure.

This antenna is ideal for Powered Parachutes where a ground plane is hard to obtain. Click here for more information on this product.

  Communication/navigation/ELT antenna is $125.00 plus shipping
  Transponder antenna is $99 plus shipping

yaesu.jpg (9489 bytes)Radio Yaesu
Hand Held Aviation Radio
Our price for the VXA120 is $250.00 compared to the list price of $299.00
Click here for comparison chart

Quantity  Yaesu Hand Held Aviation Radio mod.VXA120 is $350.00
plus shipping

RAD Electronics Intercom TAC 100 This is what you've been waiting for! RAD Electronics, Inc. is introducing a intercom system that combines a large number ofjlbook12.jpg (11276 bytes) options into one box, while the circuitry employs a unique noise-suppression feature. (Intercom can be purchased alone or with helmets and/or headsets)


  • Unique electronic noise-limiting design, allows comfortable intercom volume while it reduces unwanted ambient noise.
  • Powered by 9-volt alkaline battery or 12 v DC power.
  • Music jack standard for CD, tape, AM-FM. jlbook11.jpg (9965 bytes)
  • Two transceiver ports for air to air, air to ground communication
  • Dual volume and threshold controls.
  • Versatile P.T.T arrangements can be used with amplified or non-amplified (user adjustable output gain) cables.
  • Multiple mounting options: Panel, or Rad Pak.
  • Small 1.5"x4"x4" design.
  • All aluminum enclosure virtually eliminates RF and EIF interference.
  • Durable anodized finish.
  • Interfaces with existing single plug systems and radio patch cables.
  • Replace your single-plug intercom units with our all-new instructor series design!!

Quantity  RAD TAC 100 Intercom External $179.95 plus shipping
RAD TAC 100 Panel Mount Intercom $199.95 plus shipping

RAD Single Headset Model RAD 100jlbook10.jpg (8384 bytes) This headset employs a single plug design, while it uses a high noise dynamic microphone. This headset is compatible with past and current single plug units on the market. The units can be ordered as a single-plug system or as a dual-plug, general aviation system with either an amplified dynamic or electret microphone. Liquid-filled ear cushions come standard for a positive ear seal.(Foam ear pads also available upon request). The headset comes in black, but other colors can be special ordered. The ear cups can be adjusted individually.

Quantity  RAD 100 Single Headset $174.95 plus shipping
Quantity  RAD 100 Dual Headset System $429.95 plus shipping

RAD Helmets These helmets offer quality electronics including speakers, microphone and boom assembly. Inner liners are designed to pull perspiration away for greater comfort.
All helmets include front ventilation for front-air flow. Available in red, white, blue and black. Sizes include XL, LG, Med, Sm. Helmets will be resized at no charge. Liquid-filled air seals are available at a modest cost. Compatible with single-plug systems. Full Face Helmets can be outfitted. Call for price.
NOTE: Although these helmets may offer limited protection, they are manufactured to be used as communication helmets only.

Quantity  RAD 100 Single Helmet $275.95 plus shipping
RAD 100 Dual Helmet System $629.95 plus shipping

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