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Priairie Skyhook
Marty Ignazito
13961E Co. Rd. 620N
Charleston, Illinois 61920-7831
217-348-1525 fax 775-254-4746
e-mail: mdipe@consolidated.net

To order: Fill out the form below and be sure to include all pertinent information. Then push the "SUBMIT" button. Prairie Skyhook will confirm your order via email. All items will be shipped along with a bill that will include actual shipping costs.

Shown here are some examples of my basic nosewheel brake
kits that have been installed by cutomers on their own machines. Pricing: basic brake kits for BUCKEYE, DESTINY, SIXCHUTER (with 3.00X8 tire), GOLDEN EAGLE, & POWRACHUTE (with 1" handgrip) are $175.00. For Powrachutes with a large handgrip, a replacment 1" handgrip is available for $20.00.

I also have an after market brake for the Viking II if fitted with their newest fork. These are $290.00. and include a new 4"X6" wheel, tire and tube to match the brake drum as the stock Viking II unit will not work.

The kit for the Six Chuter with Six Chuter provided 6" "Tundra" tire is $215.00. I have no pictures of these either. Most of the brake kits look alike and the differences are minor as needed to fit the particular configuration.

The basic kit requires that precast holes be drilled out in one half of the wheel casting to mount the drum with the special screws provided in the kit. A brand new wheel tire and tube with holes drilled and drum installed is available for $70.00

Shipping on the basic brake kits is about $10 to most places. The deluxe and special kits are more due to added weight of wheel and tire.

Order Quantity Brake Kit for Buckeye or Destiny $175.00 plus shipping
Order Quantity
Brake Kit for Powrachute $175.00 plus shipping
Order Quantity
1" Replacement Grip for Powrachute Brake Kit $20.00 plus shipping
Order Quantity
Brake Kit for Viking (requires new type fork) $290.00 plus shipping
Order Quantity
Brake Kit for Six Chuter with 6" Tundra tire $215.00 plus shipping
Order Quantity
New 8" wheel/tire assy. to go with brake kit $70.00 plus shipping

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The big front tire setup on the Buckeye brake is $32 extra plus $15.00 for the special wide fender. This is a 16-650X8 tire and tube that fits the stock 8" wheel.

Order Quantity Big front tire and fender option for Buckeye $47.00

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Sasquach (bigfoot) optional wheel and tire. It is an 800X6 tube type low pressure tire (as low as 5 psi) on a 7-1/2" wide 6" Hegar lightweight spun aluminum wheel. Whole works weighs just shy of 12 lb. All hardware is stainless steel. They are $129.95 each.

SasquachWheel and Tire
Order Quantity
Sasquach tire/wheel assy/ each $129.95

Prairie Skyhook
$64.95 plus shipping ($10 to most places). The custom brake compatible Skyhook includes a new special axle at $15 extra.

Order Quantity Skyhook $64.95

Order Quantity Skyhook with special axle for machines with brake kits $79.95


Prairie Spring Spreader in use. These are $24.95 plus shipping. The model shown is for Rotax springs. I also have one for Hirth springs at the same price.

Order Quantity Spring Spreader for Rotax $24.95 plus shipping

Order Quantity Spring Spreader for Hirth $24.95  plus shipping

Prairie Propguard
Protect your valuable propeller from damage due to tall vegetation, rocks, twigs and debris. Made of tough, open mesh, plastic coated fabric used for truck radiator protection, the Prairie Propguard is less restrictive to propeller inlet airflow and will cause less thrust lose compared to solid or semisolid and perforated guards. Only weighs 10 oz installed. 
$3.20 shipping to any US destination.

Order Quantity Prop Guard $45.00 plus shipping
Precision Wheel Bearing set. These are precision sealed bearings with snap ring that replace the "Economy" bearings supplied as standard equipment by some PPC manufacturers.

Order Quantity Precision Wheel Bearing set of 6 $30.00

Sixeye Fork A replacement front fork for Sixchuters. The Sixeye is made of heavier gage materials than stock with a sturdy beam section at the fork pivot area for rigidity as well as to prevent weld cracking and fork bending. This basic beam type design is used successfully on several other makes of PPC as well as on motorscooters and motorcycles. The Sixeye fork legs are 1/8" wall round steel tube instead of 1/16" wall square tube for better rigidity in all directions. There is also some added vertical clearance to allow for larger front tires if desired. The Sixeye is shown on the right with a stock fork shown on the left for comparison. The Sixeye is much sturdier than the stock fork and will stand up to the punishment often seen in student training operations or rough fields. The Sixeye weighs 4 lbs 4 oz compared to the 2 lb 2 oz stock fork. Price $115 plus shipping. Custom made forks can also be provided for any model PPC. Call or write for quotes

Order Quantity
Sixeye Fork $115.00 plus shipping

Prairie Turf-CTR An optional tire and tube for mounting on the stock 8" Azusa "Spinner" wheel used on many PPCs. This is a 20-700X8 tire and tube with a mounted outside diameter of about 20" giving 1.7" of added prop cage ground clearance in addition to an improved soft or rough field ride. It has a 7.9" mounted tread width compared to 3.9" for a stock tire. A mounted stock 480/400X8 tire is shown for comparison. Mounted weight is 14 lbs 8 oz compared to 6 lbs 8 oz for a stock 2 ply. The tube has a brass, rigid, angled stem with a locknut to hold it to the rim for ease of service.

Order Quantity Prairie Turf-CTR Tire & Tube Unmounted $52.00 plus shipping

Tenincher Wheel

A 10" polished, chrome plated, steel wheel with a 4 ply, DOT rated tire and tube. This is a sturdy wheel and tire assembly with a tire that is rated for highway use. The large diameter high pressure tire gives a low rolling resistance and the tire design gives excellent steering control. This is a minibike wheel and tire. The wheel has precision ball bearings for long life. Due to an extra wide spindle area, this wheel and tire is only suitable for use on front wheels of most PPCs. Special spacers are provided with the wheel. For Buckeyes, Destinys and Sixchuters with a Sixeye fork a 250/275 tire is provided. For Powrachutes a 410/350 tire is provided. For other model PPCs or rear axle applications, custom measurement will be required.

Note: Custom made brake installations are available for this wheel. Custom made forks can also be provided for any model PPC. Call or write for quotes. (picture shows a 410/350 on a Powrachute front fork)

Order Quantity Prairie Turf-CTR Tire premounted / Azusa Spinner $90.00 plus shipping
Order Quantity Tenenicher Wheel $90.00 plus shipping

Stainless Steel Button Head Manifold Screws
Tired of the gooey mess that the oil seepage from your Rotax manifold leaves on the side of your engine? It doesn't hurt performance, but it sure looks bad. Here is part of the solution. Put screws in all 8 manifold hole locations for more even clamping pressure on the manifold gasket. The low head on these button head screws fits into the 2 "inaccessible" locations on the Rotax manifold allowing for a full compliment of 8 manifold screws. A complete set of 8 button heads makes the installation look neater although the minimum number of button heads needed is 2 for the "inaccessible" locations with stock screws at the other 6 locations.

Installation of these special screws requires that the manifold be removed to work the screws into the "inaccessible" location, so in addition to the screws you need to replace the gaskets. You also might want to "dress off" the surface of the manifold to make sure it is flat and true. Shipping is $3.20 for any quantity up to 2 lbs (approx 30/lb).

Order Quantity Stainless Steel Manifold Screws $2.00 ea or 8 for $11.80

Replacement Propeller Edge Tape

This is a 5 mil thick 18-8 highly polished stainless steel tape with acrylic adhesive and a removable paper backing just like the stuff used by Ivo and other prop mfgs. I buy this in bulk rolls, then cut it to size and the correct shape for installation by owners. This is the same tape I use in my propeller repair service work.Choice of 14 mil poly tape in black, 8 mil poly tape in clear or 5 mil stainless. Price is $15.00 for 3 precuts plus postage via priority mail.

Order Quantity Replacement Propeller Edge Tape $15.00 (set of 3, 5 mil stainless) plus shipping

Order Quantity Replacement Propeller Edge Tape $15.00 (set of 3, 14 mil poly black) plus shipping

Order Quantity Replacement Propeller Edge Tape $15.00 (set of 3, 8 mil poly clear) plus shipping

Prop services:

Retape (stainless or poly) $30, Balance $25, repairs and cut downs per quote, plus shipping. Double for six bladers (real pain in the butt). Custom machine shop services to your specifications.

New products under development and not yet priced:

Ball Bearing Goose neck for Buckeye fork.
Ball Bearing Steering Bars for Buckeye.
Hand Cranked steering trim, Buckeye and others.

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Contact information for Prairie Skyhook:

Priairie Skyhook
Marty Ignazito
13961E Co. Rd. 620N
Charleston, Illinois 61920-7831
217-348-1525 fax 775-254-4746
e-mail: mdipe@consolidated.net