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NAG PPC Products
Quality Powerchute Accessories

Phone:  253-862-6664  Fax: 253-862-4220

To order: Fill out the form below and be sure to include all pertinent information. Then push the "SUBMIT" button. NAG will confirm your order via email or phone. All items will be shipped along with a bill that will include actual shipping costs.
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Line Sox: Line sox are available in both 16 and 20 foot lengths. YKK zippers and cam buckle straps to attach line sox to fanguard. Colors to match your airframe.
          Quantity Line Sox 16' $73.50  
          Quantity Line Sox 20' $90.00  
Prop Covers: NAG prop covers are designed for the pilot that transports his plane on an open trailer, leaves his plane out in the elements or just wants to protect his expensive composite prop from hangar rash. Rocks can be thrown up from other vehicles and cause severe damage to composite props. UV light from the sun will also damage a composite prop over time and in the hangar there is always the chance of something falling against your prop. The covers are constructed with a layer of padding to protect your prop from rocks, UV and other damage. Covers are available for both IVO and Powerfin props. Covers for two blade wood props are available with supplied dimensions. Covers come with straps to attach to hub and prevent wind milling on open trailers. All colors or mixed available.
          Quantity Prop Covers $26.25 (ea. per blade) 
Wing bags: These bags are 36" x 40" with unique cam closures that won’t bite your canopy and straps with cam buckles to attach to your plane for transport. No velcro is used on wing bags to fray canopy lines. All colors available.
          Quantity Wind Bag $68.25 
Carburetor filter covers: Rotax recommends a filter cover to prevent moist air into the engine which leads to corrosion of bearings and premature engine failure. These filter covers have toggle drawstrings to tighten them over the filters to prevent air from entering your engine. Coupled with our special exhaust plug it will go a long way to protecting engine internal parts and allowing it to reach TBO. Available for the dual oval, small single, Hirth, Zenoah and large single for intake silencers.
          Quantity Carb Filter Covers Dual Carb Oval $10.50      
          Quantity Carb Filter Covers Dual Carb Singles $10.50 
          Quantity Carb Filter Cover Single Carb $5.50              
Exhaust plug and warning flag: We looked a long time to find a quality exhaust plug that would fit the metric outlet on the Rotax muffler. A quality embroidered "Remove Before Flight" flag is as a reminder during preflight
          Quantity Remove Before Flight Flag $15.75

          Quantity Remove Before Flight Flag with Plug $21.00

Axle covers: Dress your fiberglass rod axles with color coordinated axle covers. Easily removed for transport or preflight inspection.


          Quantity bAxle covers: each $10.50 - $21.00 set of 2
Full covers: The NAG full covers have features not found in other covers. They have an integral draw string on the bottom to prevent even the strongest wind from blowing the cover off in a storm. Three zipper openings with rain flaps are provided at the outriggers and instrument pod to allow access to ditty bags and equipment without removing the cover. Reinforcing patches are located at all stress points and are sown in with folded seams. The cover is made with coated 1000 denier nylon material with colors to match your airframe. A Nag cover withstood a severe thunderstorm with winds up to 50 mph at the World competition and was found still tightly attached and protecting the aircraft when other covers failed.

Full covers are not recommended for open
trailer transport.

          Quantity Full covers with zipper access: $420.00   

          Quantity Full cover without zipper access: $367.50

Embroidery: Name and phone number can be embroidered on any of your NAG products to help prevent recovery if lost or left at your flying field for an additional $10.00. Quotes on request for any custom embroidery such as logos or favorite images.

Custom production: Any item of personal design can be manufactured to specifications, call for quote.

All NAG products are constructed from quality 500 or 1000 denier nylon fabric. Products are unconditionally guaranteed against manufacturing defects for the life of the product.

Colors available:

500 denier (all products except full covers): international orange, wine, purple, black, Spanish yellow, yellow, silver, dark grey, royal blue, navy blue, peacock green, teal green, forest green, red, dark red.

1000 denier full covers only): dark purple, white, silver, dark grey, black, chocolate, wheat, olive, woodland camouflage, predator camouflage, international orange, navy blue, olive drab, wine, red, rust, gold, peacock green, forest green, mariner blue, midnight blue.


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