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funflight1.jpg (10461 bytes)Prop Cop

Prop Cop is a Plastic guard that fastens to the bottom of your fan guard. Its job is to keep the bad guys like rocks and woody vegetation away from your expensive prop.

It’s made of 1/8” Tivar, a rugged plastic, and held in place with 7, 120 pound test, cable wraps. It weighs 27 oz. Paintable. For Blue Heron, Buckeye, Powrachute

Prop Cop
$39.95 plus shipping


funflight2.jpg (12374 bytes)EZY-CHANGE Radiator Airflow Regulator

The 582cc Rotax has a 130 degree thermostat to adequately protect the engine over a wide range of ambient temperatures.

The radiator that comes with most powered parachutes is large to adequately cool the engine during high ambient temperatures when carrying a large passenger on a warm day. The problem that arises from needing a “cool” thermostat and a “large” radiator during the cold winter months is a wide coolant temperature range within the radiator. One method of solving the problem of maintaining an engine operating temperature range of 140 to 180 degrees is partially covering the radiator. I’ve used paper, cardboard, plastic sliders, and the roll-up Naugahyde and Velcro cover. How do you change the amount of radiator covering while in flight with a passenger behind you? The EZY-CHANGE radiator airflow regulator is the answer. From the pilot’s seat, one can incrementally adjust the amount of airflow through the radiator. Do not use this product if you do not have a working water temperature gauge. Fits radiator with of 18 1/8” by 8” in the height (or greater. See picture)

EZY-CHANGE radiator Airflow Regulator
$54.00 plus shipping


funflight6.jpg (12193 bytes)The Wonder Windshield
  • No more watery eyes!
  • There is no drilling involved (for the Buckeye powered parachute).
  • The windshield weighs only 3 lb.!
  • Will extend your flying season through the winter months.
  • It mounts with existing bolts.
  • Accessories include a 55 watt head light and a GPS/Radio mount shelf.
The Wonder Windshield
$129.95 plus shipping


funflight4.jpg (16944 bytes)Powrachute Windshield
  • Protects both pilot and passenger
  • No more watery eyes!
  • There is no drilling involved.
  • The windshield weighs only 2 lb.
  • Will extend your flying season through the winter months.
  • It mounts with Velcro and wire ties.
Powrachute Windshield
$199.95 plus shipping


funflight3.jpg (13873 bytes)EZY-ROLL SKIS

Discover the joy of winter flying by using the EZY-ROLL SKIS on your powered parachute, fixed-wing or trike.

  • 3 skis weigh 25 lb. and are 43 1/2" long - 12" wide
  • Ramped front and rear with two wear strips on bottom
  • Steel limiter cable and "aircraft grade" bungees
  • No change in flight performance
  • Easy roll on hard surface
  • Tire size choices 4.80X8 and/or 3.00X8.
  • Other sizes in development

Call us! Satisfaction Guaranteed

(set of 3)
 $675.00 plus shipping


funflight5.jpg (9604 bytes)GPS & Radio Mount Shelf

Mounts either under pilot seat or under instrument shelf.
Aluminum covered with vinyl (carbon fiber appearance)



GPS & Radio Mount Shelf
$15.00 plus shipping


funflight7.jpg (11036 bytes)Mega Bag for Powrachute

This bag was designed to hold your helmet, headset, chute bag, and line sleeves. It's a large bag that has 1.38 cubic feet of storage. Made of faux leather and lined to protect your valuable gear. Specify right or left (left placement will obscure your gas gauge!).

Powrachute Mega Bag
$85.00 plus shipping.
Indicate right or left side:


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