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Transition of 

This website has had quite a few owners & webmasters over the years.  The site keeps changing hands due to the large amount of time required to maintain the site, associated with a lack of financial rewards.  

Hence, in an effort to address these issues, this site will now offer advertising and sponsorships, instead of asking for your donations.

We trust you understand and you will still support this site with your visits and your comments for improvements.  And we will always appreciate your time and attention to help us improve the quality and content of this site.

Thanks - your current webmaster - 2009 October

PS. And we sincerely do appreciate your patience as we rebuild this site to its full potential!



PPC Championships

The 2009 PPC Championships may have been cancelled.  
However, it is never too early to start practicing/preparing for the
Powered Parachute CHAMPIONSHIPS...



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