Posted with permission from James G Stephenson, CEO of Aero Sports Connection ASC.
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The steps to properly obtain your Basic Flight Instructor (BFI) rating: (example Powered Parachute)

1 ) Take instruction from a qualified BFI (i.e., fixed wing, para wing, etc.) to solo. You may legally fly a two place trainer, solo, only under the following conditions:

2) Develop your flying skills so that you are competent and capable to fly a two place vehicle safely. The minimum required hours is 25 hours flying a Powered Parachute prior to starting your instruction towards being a BFI. (This requirement is 40 hours for fixed wing.)

3) Take your written test from your BFI or AFI. You will need an 80% to pass for BFI.

4)  Take your Fundamentals of Instruction written test from your BFI or AFI. You will need a 70% to pass for BFI.

S) Take sufficient instruction from your BFI to earn his recommendation. This must be a minimum of 10 hours air and ground instruction (15 hours for fixed wing). Air time must be sufficient to earn the BFI recommendation.

6) Take your BFI application with all your documentation of hours and test scores to your BFI and obtain his recommendation for you to take the check ride.

7) Take. the whole package (including originals of test scores sheets) to an AFI and get your check ride and oral test. The AFI must sign your application passing you for BFI.

8) Submit the entire application and documentation to ASC or EAA. Include $200 for the exemption, which is good for two years. If you are not already an member you MUST submit an membership form and $40 ($35 EAA) for the first years membership. You must maintain membership for your exemption to be valid.    Mail to: ASC, POB 589, Marshall, MI 49068, or EAA, POB 3086, Oshkosh, WI, 54903

You will receive your exemption paperwork and an entire documentation package including
"Practical Test Standards" and written tests.If you have any questions, call 616-718-4021.

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