Don't Get Caught With Your "Details down"

"The devil is in the details" is an old saying. Some of the truth in that statement includes considering the FAA as being in there, too. ASC is the largest exemption holder for two place training in the nation. So large now, that we are over four times larger than the next largest exemption. With that number of instructors, there are bound to be a few instructors who miss a detail or two. Some of these details are very important.

Some examples of details that are being missed today are as follows. Every Basic Flight Instructor should:

· Carry "all six pages" of the exemption every time he flies. The cover page, or your card, is not enough.

· Have an annual condition inspection recorded in ones own records. The form to do it is available on the web site at

· Have any vehicle used for training, registered and displaying those registration numbers.

· Sign the bottom of the front page of the exemption. This must be the signature of the instructor using the exemption.

· Make sure to report hours and number of students every October and April when requested by letter. In July, 87 instructors were suspended for failing to report.

· Maintain a current membership when training under the exemption.

· Any student who is soloed must have four things:

o a copy of his instructors exemption (all six pages),

o the words "to be used for instruction only" in ½ inch tall letters visible upon entry,

o the vehicle registered and displaying the registration,

o and a closely written, time-limited, endorsement that controls to student within his safe limits.

Each of these "minor details" has at one time or another caused at least one instructor to have difficulties with the FAA. In some cases, fines are being considered! If you are not completely under the exemption, you are an illegal aircraft. Fines can be as high as $1,100 per violation, with 7 to 9 violations possible per flight. That is a much as $9,900 PER FLIGHT!

Instructors don’t get caught with your "details down". Read the entire exemption package carefully, it explains everything. There are details that you need to know.

Students, ask questions and read the details. They are important. The system works if you use it properly.

Also see our redefinition of the ASC Event Kit, and the ASC Operating Results for 2000. ASC is supporting the community.

Keep ‘em flyin’

Jim Stephenson